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Birth is a life changing experience! A special, painful, emotional, yet beautiful experience. I want to help you remember the beauty in your child's birth forever. I want you to remember the love you shared with your partner, the intense emotions. I want to capture your first look, the first yawns, and cries, the first everything for you to have forever! 


Birth Package- $200

Photos of your birth, and a informational meeting prior! This package includes unlimited high-resolution photos, unlimited hours, and up to two locations! 

Total Pregnancy Package- $350

This package includes a photo shoot of the pregnant mother prior to birth, the birth, and newborn photo shoot up to one month after the baby is born.

The pregnancy shoot and the newborn shoot are one location, up to one hour shoots, unlimited outfits, 10 photos each session, for a total of 20 high resolution photos. The birth will be unlimited high-resolution photos, unlimited hours, and up to two locations.


How will the birth go? 

Well, we will have a scheduled meeting to meet prior to your birth, here we will answer every question, concern, and look at every photo inspirations you have. We will go over a game plan for the day, and everything in between. You will be given my personal cell number and I will be "on-call" 2 weeks prior your due date up until 2 weeks after.

Someone prearranged will text me when contractions start, I will begin getting ready, heading that way if there is a long travel time, ect. The more communication we have, the better I can serve you. I will be there whenever you'd like me. If you happen to want me as your walking out contractions in your house, I will be there. I can also work on a text biases coming in and out of the room to allow personal time if needed.  I will be there until the baby is born, bathed and happily with mama. I want to get the first hours of the babies life, the feet, the first looks, ect. 

What does "on-call" mean, and what happens if I have my baby outside of the 4 week frame? 

Well, on call means I do not plan trips, vacations, hikes with no cell service, ect. during that time frame. I can be called to come in the middle of the night! If you happen to have your baby out side of the 2 weeks prior to due date and 2 weeks post due date, contact me and I will try my best to be there. We can go over a more defiant plan at our meeting, every situation is unique! 

If I have a pregnancy photo shoot prior to the birth, do I have to have the meeting as well? 

Of course not! We will multitask at the shoot! I want to ensure every women, even if they don't want pregnancy photos to have equal opportunity to birth photo shoots! 

What happens if I have to go in for a c-section? 

As long as you and your doctor are okay with it, I will be there to help you document always! 

What if my labor is extremely long? Or if I get turned away to wait longer? 

I will be there till the baby is born! We will go over communication at the meetings, but ideally someone will be in communication with me and tell me when contractions start. If you would like me there while you walk around your house waiting out contractions, I will be there. This is for you to remember forever! 

If I missed any of your questions, contact me at or (253)219-4570

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